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Guide for Content Curation and Publishing Resources

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI) is delighted to be working with INEQE Safeguarding Group to create and maintain a new digital library repository to promote child safety online, in delivery of the NI Executive’s Online Safety Strategy Action Plan.

The Online Safety Hub is a central gateway for children and young people, parents and carers and those who care for them to access information and advice on all aspects of online safety. The Hub is free to access, accessible by all and will be kept up-to-date with the SBNI members and partners resources, guidance and services.

The Hub:

  1. Acts as a central digital library repository for online safety of children and young people in NI. It is designed to curate and host content that has been approved and proposed by SBNI members and partners from within and outside NI. The aim is to add value and promote existing and emerging work rather than duplicate resources and services;
  2. Includes user-friendly, free, accessible and high-quality content on all aspects of online safety for the following groups: children and young people (0-18 years and up to 25 years for vulnerable groups) including section 75 categories as defined in Northern Ireland Act 1998, parents and carers, practitioners and adults who work with children and families, policy makers, and wider community and public;
  3. Is relevant for users in different settings. For e.g.- mainstream and special school settings including early years, primary, post-primary and Further Education Colleges/CAFRE, education other than at school (EOTAS), child and youth settings, health and social care, culture, arts, leisure, sports and wider education practitioners, etc; and
  4. Includes age, development and role appropriate safeguarding and education resources, information, guidance and reporting tools. Content that will educate, empower, increase awareness, knowledge and confidence, with an emphasis on reducing fear. To include accessible text, blogs, audio, podcasts, video and multimedia resources, etc.

By submitting resources to be hosted on the Online Safety Hub, it is assumed that:

  • All resources and copy submitted for inclusion in the Hub will be edited, proofed and quality assured. Please note, the SBNI and the website provider, INEQE Safeguarding Group will not be responsible for verifying external resources;
  • If requested, information can be provided for all necessary permissions, copyright and licenses for any content, imagery or resources submitted;
  • Resources will either be integrated and hosted on the Hub or can be signposted by linking to a webpage. Nb. All resources will be free to use, accessible and will not require a log in;
  • All content must follow the SBNI’s listed aims (a-d) noted above;
  • The SBNI reserves the right to remove or disable access to any resources or content if needed;
  • All resources and copy submitted for inclusion in the Hub should meet the website and mobile app accessibility regulation requirements.

Guide to submitting and publishing Hub content.

This straightforward guide has been created to support members and partners to submit their online safety resources, guidance, and services on the SBNI Online Safety Hub. Once content has been uploaded and approved there will be a two-week processing/publishing turnaround.

A dedicated Hub Highlights newsletter will be published every two months with updates and latest news from the SBNI Online Safety Hub. Get involved and submit content for the newsletter by contacting: Contact us.

To upload content to the online safety hub please complete the form below:

When uploading to the Hub, you are welcome to:

  1. Signpost users to your website or other page such as YouTube
  2. Host content directly on the Hub
  3. Both of the above


If you are signposting users to an external page such as your website or another page please contact us if the URL changes.

If you want to host your content directly on the hub, or do both, please keep the below in mind:

  • Videos and Animations: We can host your content directly on the site, we can also embed links from popular platforms Vimeo and Youtube (see this example). Accepted file types: .mp4 .mov.
  • Audio files: These can also be hosted on the hub or embedded. We are able to embed audio from platforms such as Soundcloud and we can also link directly to your podcast RSS feed (see this example). Accepted file types: .mp3.
  • App: Please include links to download your app in all locations. i.e Google Play store and Apple App store (see this example).
  • Documents including but not limited to Leaflets, Policies and Procedures, Guidance, Lesson plans need to be able to be read by people who may not have access to specific software e.g Microsoft Word. We recommend hosting your document as an accessible PDF (see this example), or directly to the website where the guidance is hosted (see this example).
If your resource doesn’t fit into any of the categories below, or you have any queries about how to host your resource on the Online Safety Hub, please contact the hub for support.

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