Prevent Duty Update  


Type of Resource

Research and Evidence

Publication Date

June 27, 2023


Misinformation and Fake News  / Social Media and Apps 

The Department for Education has updated its statutory guidance ‘Prevent duty: an introduction for those with safeguarding responsibilities’, and the corresponding self-assessment tool for schools.

The Prevent duty guidance is aimed at those with safeguarding responsibilities in education settings within England. It outlines statutory duties regarding the prevention of extremist ideologies and radicalisation.

The 2022 update to the Prevent duty includes changes in structure, to make the information contained more accessible by splitting it into four documents. Likewise, the non-statutory Prevent duty self-assessment tool for schools has been updated with formatting, wording and layout changes. The seven main requirements now fall under leadership and management, risk management, working in partnership, training, online safety, safeguarding school premises and building children’s resilience to radicalisation.

Read the 2022 updated Prevent duty below.

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