Technology and Domestic Abuse – Where is the Line?


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June 23, 2023


Harmful or inappropriate content  / Healthy Relationships/ Online Bullying  

What's Happening?

The South Eastern Domestic and Sexual Violence Partnership, Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI), North Down and Ards Women’s Aid, and Neep Pictures have produced an animation aimed at young people and adults called ‘Technology and Domestic Abuse – Where is the Line?’ The animation, launched in June 2023, was co-produced with young people who have lived experience of domestic abuse.

The animation is now available in different languages including English, Romanian, Polish and Arabic. 

What's it about?

This is the second in an animated series on domestic abuse. The first animation, “Coercive Control – Where is the Line?” is available in English, Arabic, Bulgarian and British Sign Language. These can be accessed here.

The new animation recognises that the online world can be a force for good, but for people in controlling and abusive relationships, technology and devices can bring a pattern of constant communication and surveillance over their lives, making it feel like every aspect of their world is controlled and monitored. This is abusive and controlling behaviour.

This is an important education tool to help raise awareness about what is healthy behaviour, harmful behaviour and where to get help if the line has been crossed. It covers four key components and the script is included on the following page. The animation will be translated into other commonly used languages and British Sign Language.

How to get involved

Watch, use and share the animation widely. It can be accessed in different languages below. 

English Version with Subtitles

Romanian Version with Subtitles

Polish Version with Subtitles

Arabic Version with Subtitles


©Co-created by SBNI and partners. 

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