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June 26, 2023


Video and Livestreaming 

Whether it’s on a tablet, phone, TV, or laptop, kids love watching videos on YouTube.

However, as the content on YouTube is ‘user generated‘, the website doesn’t have strict control over what is uploaded. Even if the strongest safety settings are put in place, children may be exposed to content that is not suitable for them.

YouTube Kids allows children and young people to watch their favourite videos in one place where they can search for their favourite shows and discover new ones. It uses videos that are uploaded to YouTube and has an algorithm that pulls out appropriate videos for little ones.

Within the platform, users have the options to turn the search function on or off. Search is a good function for older children to have on as they can find content which is interesting to them (e.g. ‘space‘, ‘robot‘, or ‘lego‘) but might be better to switch ‘off’ for younger children.

Fun Fact! YouTube Kids won the KidScreen Award for ‘Best Kids Only Streaming Service’

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