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June 22, 2023


Digital Wellbeing 

We now live in a digital age where we can instantly transfer money from our phones, track our heart rate from our watches, and video chat across the world.

It can be hard to keep up with all the new platforms, challenges, and games that constantly change and evolve, particularly the ones used by children and young people.


Access to new technology has influenced the way children in our care learn and grow into adulthood. They are the digital natives, comfortable with the technology they intuitively use and often immersed in online culture. Their social lives, entertainment, and leisure time can and do have online dimensions.

The internet presents great challenges and opportunities for young and old alike, so learning about how to stay safe is important for everyone. For parents/carers and safeguarding professionals, routinely accessing credible information and resources is important. An informed adult can better support the young people in their care and ensure that they can safely engage the positive opportunities the digital age has to offer.

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The Facts According to Ofcom's Online Nation Report 2022:

  • Almost half (47%) of internet users reported coming across a potential harm whilst using social media.
  • Users were more likely to have encountered their most recent potential harm on Facebook than on any other platform (45%), over three times the proportion as on the second most likely app, Instagram (12%).
  • Young adults aged 18-34 are at the highest risk of encountering potential online harms.
  • 77% of those offended by online harms took some form of action, for example, unfollowing, reporting or blocking the offensive content/user.
  • 56% of 3-15 year olds play online games.
  • 91% of children aged 3-15 play games on any device.

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