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September 22, 2023


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What is a Trusted Adult?

Whether children have good news or bad, or feel happy or sad, it’s important they have an adult in their lives who they trust enough to confide in.

Read through our talking points below to help children understand who their trusted adults are.

You should always talk to a trusted adult if something is bothering you or making you upset. A trusted adult is there to help you.

Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Makaton Version

Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Primary Version

Who Are Your Trusted Adults? Secondary Version

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A trusted adult is someone who you feel comfortable with and can tell things to.

This person could be:

Sometimes you don’t have to be close. It is actually some people’s job to be a ‘trusted adult’ – for example, your school headteacher, your doctor, or a police officer.

Someone else you can talk to is Childline who can be contacted any time, even in the middle of the night! Childline’s job is to help children and young people when they have a problem. You can contact them via email, 1-2-1 live chat or by ringing 0800 1111.

No matter what there will ALWAYS be someone to listen.

Once you have told a trusted adult what is worrying you, they will try to help make things better. If it is something serious and they are very worried they may have to ask people they trust to help them make sure that you are okay.

It is really important to sort problems out, instead of having something that makes you feel sad. The person who is making you sad or scared may be making other children feel that way too, so it is a very brave thing to speak up and tell an adult.

Not everyone is a trusted adult.

A trusted adult will never:

If you or a friend have something troubling you, find one of these trusted adults to go and talk to!

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