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February 29, 2024


Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies/ Digital Wellbeing / Gaming  / Harmful or inappropriate content  / Misinformation and Fake News  / Privacy and Safety Settings 

Their go-to guide for navigating the digital world safely! 🤓

The Online Safety Show delivers a monthly digest of current news stories from the digital world, presented in an age-appropriate manner. For example, the debut episode delved into topics such as online trends and challenges, TikTok and its influence on the news, the role of AI, and the so-called mobile phone ban in schools and colleges.

It’s an interactive and educational programme poised to equip and empower children and young individuals with essential knowledge about online safety. This initiative aspires to educate, inspire, and safeguard the next generation in the digital era.

At its core The Online Safety Show is committed to fair and balanced reporting, expert insights, and providing children and young people with a platform to express their concerns and perspectives on online safety. Each episode comes complete with a resource, such as a shareable, that focuses on a key topic raised in the episode. The show’s mission is to sow the seeds of safety in the minds of young audiences, educating them about the benefits and risks of technology in their digital world, enabling them to make safer decisions and nurture positive digital citizenship.

Watch the first episode below and visit the Online Safety Show website to view all of the episodes and resources. You can also subscribe to the Online Safety Show YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future episodes.

Visit the Online Safety Show website to view all of the episodes and resources. 

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