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June 21, 2023


Privacy and Safety Settings 
Did you know: It would take you 10 years to view all the photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour and by the time you had viewed those, another 880,000 years’ worth of photos would have been shared.

This section covers what you need to know regarding online sharing.

Which Content can be Shared Online?

While this section is focused on sharing digital images, the good practice we encourage applies equally to other information that can identify who and/or where you are such as:

Personal Details: telephone number, address, date of birth, bank account details etc.

Location: tagging location in a post, sharing that you will attend a future event (i.e. concert), or broadcasting your location on Snap Maps.

Content: images and videos can be shared on a range of platforms. See the ‘Social Media‘ section of this App for more details.

Inadvertent Information Sharing

Remember when using social media, you are in a digital environment. People can zoom into the images you post and see things in the background that you didn’t intend to share; like letters, photos and documents.

It is important that everyone in a young person’s life understand the implications of sharing images or videos of them and that we all set a good example for young people to follow.

While the internet may look or feel individual, it’s very much a public space. Users can be lulled into a false sense of security and become complacent with privacy settings. This heightens the risk of harm or unintended exposure of personal or sensitive information, beyond its intended audience.

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