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September 19, 2023


Digital Wellbeing 
Social media encourages us to be more social online. Our thoughts, opinions and experiences can be shared instantly with our friends and family. However, it’s wise to remain aware of the risks involved with this instant form of communication and to think before you post.

Did you know?

Every 60 seconds 136,000 images are uploaded to Facebook.

95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram per day.

300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook per day.

While most of those images will be ok some might upset children, their friends and families. In some cases, images or videos might have a devastating impact on a young person’s life.

What can you do?

Talking to children about the risks posed by sharing images online can empower them to make better decisions for themselves and others.

When something happens and it’s in the news, use the opportunity to raise the subject and invite young people to consider how they might feel if the incident had happened to one of their friends.

Get them to consider what advice they could have given or what they could have done and who they could have advised their friend to turn to for help.

Top Tip: Set a homework based on an incident in the news and have parents and carers work with their children to list what to do and to whom to turn for help.

REMEMBER: The risk doesn’t just involve sharing photos and videos of young people themselves but also them sharing information about their location, images of others and the use of inappropriate and/or provocative language.
With younger children, it is important to make them aware that even if they share a private image with one person, that image might be copied and shared with people they don’t want to see it.

Some points to raise with children and young people:

If an image of a child has been posted without their permission, or the permission of their parents, here are some ways you can approach the issue:

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