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June 21, 2023


Privacy and Safety Settings 

When the children in your care share devices, or if you let them use yours, it is important to ensure all relevant privacy and security settings are in place on all devices a child has access to.

Our Online Safety Centre shows you how to set privacy settings, safety settings and how to block and report on different apps and websites. Please use it as a resource when setting up devices in your family.

Top Tips for Sharing Devices

  • Set secure passwords on devices you don’t want younger children to have access to.

  • If you allow older children to use websites like YouTube, and they use it with younger children, ensure the settings are appropriate for the youngest child using it.

  • Set parental controls with your home internet service provider. (Visit the Home Safe section for more information).

  • If children are using a device that doesn’t have strict security settings, limit the apps they are allowed to use (Visit the Device Safe section for more information).

  • If you can, set up different user profiles on a device; particularly a home computer or laptop, so you can set browsing restrictions (Visit the Safe Search Filters section for more information).

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