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February 29, 2024


Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies/ Digital Wellbeing / Gaming  / Harmful or inappropriate content  / Healthy Relationships/ Misinformation and Fake News  / Online Blackmail/ Online Bullying  / Online Grooming/ Privacy and Safety Settings / Screen Time / Setting up a new device  / Sharing nudes and semi-nudes/ Social Media and Apps / Video and Livestreaming 

Educating, empowering and protecting the NI school community

The digital world is 24/7; it’s outside and inside of the school gates, so you need a service that does the same. Safer Schools NI is a digital library of age-appropriate safeguarding resources that you can check out anytime, from your phone to your computer to your classroom.

The Safer Schools NI App contains contextual safeguarding information, advice and guidance, researched and written by online safeguarding experts. It’s interactive, with engaging content which is easy-to-access, simple to understand and intuitive to use.

We provide contemporary, credible and relevant content and resources for your entire school community. The Safer Schools NI App is updated with the latest news and alerts as-and-when they happen so you’ll also be in the know, in the here and now.

This App is designed to be a one-stop-shop for accessing essential safeguarding information, advice, and guidance. It’s a reference point you can turn to any time, right there on your phone!

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