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September 19, 2023



Roblox is a platform where users can access lots of games created by other users. It even provides the opportunity to design and create your own games.

There is a forum in Roblox meaning children might interact with players who are a lot older than them in this environment. It is important that adults make an effort to ensure children are using the settings best suited for their age group. This will help make them safer while they play, as there are stringent chat controls for users younger than 13.

Age Requirements

Roblox is designed for players aged 7+. Younger players will need permission from an adult in order to play.

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Roblox Jargon Buster

To kill a player in a Roblox game.
When a player’s health reaches zero and the player’s Robloxian falls apart.
A player’s character in Roblox.
A fight using Roblox’s classic weapon tools.
An in-game purchase that gives more benefits.

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