Reporting Bullying


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September 20, 2023


Online Bullying  
Your first point of contact is your child’s teacher. When you speak to a teacher about bullying, they should listen and tell you how they plan to respond to stop the bullying. When bullying is reported, teachers are usually able to solve the problem by talking to or disciplining those involved:

Reporting Bullying

Making a complaint

If you are not satisfied with how your child’s school has responded to bullying, there are a number of more formal routes you can take to resolve the issue.

If you have child protection or safeguarding concerns, you should speak to the Safeguarding Lead or Principal in your child’s school. If bullying involves a crime, you should tell the police or the ask the NSPCC to do this for you.

If your child has been threatened or you have immediate concern for their safety or that of another child, you should contact the police on 999 (emergency number) immediately.


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