Privacy While Gaming


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December 4, 2023


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Depending on the age of children in your care, there are a number of ways that privacy during gaming can be explained. For example, you could use a traffic signal concept.


Important information that is personal and private (e.g. full name, age, school, address, birthday, phone number, etc).


Information to be careful about sharing as it could be used to identify you (e.g. favourite games, hobbies, sports clubs, etc).


Public Information (for gaming, the only information that should be public is your username. Nothing else needs to be public).
Children and young people should be taught that their personal, identifiable information is very special and should not be shared online. They should always consider why this person/platform needs their details if they are asked to share them. If they are unsure of the answer, they should ask a trusted adult for advice.

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