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September 22, 2023


Digital Wellbeing / Harmful or inappropriate content  

Almost all interactive social media apps, websites, and other platforms have guidelines or rules for use. These are sometimes called ‘terms of use’ and normally lay out the responsibilities of users and how they should behave while using the platform.

No one has the right to harass, bully, or make an another person feel uncomfortable online. It is important to recognise this, but also crucial that children and young people in your care understand as well.

No matter what age they are, children and young people have a responsibility to be a good digital citizen. This means they must stick to the rules while online and help keep everyone else safe. They should also be taught how to report inappropriate or distressing content they think should be reviewed by the platform.

If you care for a child or young person who uses online spaces, it is your responsibility to help ensure they understand how to protect themselves and others.

Here are a few online services that can help:

Remember – if you or anyone else is ever unsafe or in immediate danger, call 999.

Report Harmful Content

A reporting portal from the UK Safer Internet Centre and the SWGfL to report all types of harmful and illegal content online.

Action Fraud

National fraud and Cybercrime Reporting Centre to report online scams and financial extortion.


Law enforcement agency that keeps children and young people safe from sexual exploitation and abuse.


Anonymous charity that allows you to give information about crimes.


Anonymous and confidential reporting tool for online child abuse images.

The Home Office

Anonymous reporting tool for online material promoting terrorism or extremism.


Not sure what to do? Chat, email, or phone the confidential NSPCC Adults Helpline to help figure things out.

Safer Schools Safety Centre

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