Online Friendships


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September 20, 2023


Digital Wellbeing / Online Blackmail/ Online Bullying  / Online Grooming

Young people may talk to their friends online and get to know mutual friends through group chats, shared posts, and online activities.

Sometimes these online friendships can be a source of worry, but open and regular communication about who a young person is talking to can help keep things transparent.

It’s not always a bad thing to meet age appropriate friends online. However, having clear guidelines and boundaries for online friendships can help keep young people safe online.

Young people should know that an online friend should never:

Meeting online friends in real life

The thought of young people in our care meeting people they know online in real life can make us worry. Stopping a young person from meeting any online friend can encourage secretive behaviour. It can help to talk regularly about online friends and encourage young people to be honest with you about meeting people.

Steps you can take to verify online friends are:

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