More than a Game: Exploring neurodivergent young people’s views and experiences of online games


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Research and Evidence

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April 10, 2024


Supported by Roblox, Internet Matters (a UK not-for-profit specialising in online safety) has conducted research into neurodivergent young people’s experiences, behaviours and attitudes towards online gaming. The purpose of the research was to identify how neurodivergent young people can be better supported online, so that they can enjoy the benefits of online gaming whilst reducing the risks.

Whats in this report?

This research to support neurodivergent children and young people used an online survey and focus groups. 56% of parents who responded had at least one child on the autistic spectrum while 48% had at least one child with ADHD. Completed surveys totalled 480.

In this report, you can explore

  • neurodivergent young people’s online behaviours and experience of video games;
  •  feelings/attitudes from parents and young people towards online games;
  • challenges associated with playing online games for neurodivergent teens;
  • neurodivergent young people’s ability and confidence to stay safe online;
  • how to help these children enjoy benefits of playing games safely;
  • the relationship between neurodivergent young people and Roblox.

Visit Internet Matters website for more information about the research summary, infographic and full report.

How to support neurodivergent young people

To help parents and carers support neurodivergent children as they game, Internet Matters have created a series of videos and guides. Designed to help young people spot risks and take action online, this series encourages online safety to help neurodivergent young people benefit from games.
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