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September 19, 2023



Minecraft is a multiplatform game where players explore created worlds and use building blocks to customise these worlds. Users break existing blocks and use them to build and explore the different Minecraft environments and worlds.

Children love this game. It allows them to be creative, explore, and to interact with others. They can express themselves through the way their avatar (in-game character representing the player) looks and gain encouragement through rewards.

There are multiple game modes available in Minecraft: Creative Mode, Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode and Adventure Mode. For children in primary school, ‘Creative Mode’ allows them to enjoy the game without the fear of their character or world being destroyed. As their skills develop, they can try the more advanced modes.

Age Requirements

While PEGI has rated Minecraft okay for 7-year olds, its developers (Mojang) don’t allow anyone under the age of 13 to set up an account.

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Minecraft Jargon Buster

Areas of the Minecraft world with different terrain (e.g. jungle, desert, etc.)
Everything that can be used to make other things (e.g. wood, dirt, wool ,etc.)
The term for gold blocks.
In-game characters that sneak up on players and explode causing damage.
Bad behaviour from other players which can get them banned (e.g. attacking players or stealing property).
Short for ‘mobile’ or ‘monsters’. Creatures created by Minecraft that interact with other players (e.g. creepers, zombies, horses, and villagers).
Short for ‘Modifications’. Mods are anything that changes Minecraft’s game content from what it originally was.
A door that transports players to different places within the game.
A hosted game world that allows users to interact.
The physical appearance of the player’s in-game avatar.
Exploring caves to mine resources.
Redstone is a raw material that can be found in the world of Minecraft. It can be used to brew potions. It is also used to power devices such as doors, lights, and other machines.
In-game characters that come out at night and attack players by touching them.

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