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September 20, 2023


The numbers 1337 represent the letters ‘LEET’, which is short for ‘elite’. The term means to be an elite gamer in one or more video games.
A high-budget game. AAA games are usually multi-platform, have multi-million dollar budgets and typically sell over one million copies.
Advertisement Games designed to promote a particular product, service, or company. They usually feature a product prominently and will likely be played on the company’s website or be available for download.
Away from Keyboard.
Having to be connected to the internet in order to play a video game.
The character that a player chooses to represent them during gameplay. These can be customisable.
Used when players are insulting or rude to each other while playing.
A special enemy that is usually presented to the player at the end of a level or midway through (a mini-boss).
An error in a game’s programming or design.
Groups of friends or strangers who come together to form a team. Clan matches are when two clans face off against each other.
A combination of attack moves in a fighting game, during which an opponent is helpless to defend themselves.
The device specific to linking gameplay to an outer screen. This includes Xbox and Playstation, but not PC or handheld devices.
The minimum length of time that a player needs to wait after using an ability before they can use it again.
A social media platform created for gamers to call and message each other during gameplay. It is also used to livestream and broadcast games by streamers.
‘Downloadable Content’. Additional content created for a released video game. DLC can consist of several things such as an outfit change, objects, and challenges.
A hidden feature or item in a video game. If you’re playing a video game and come across an easter egg, you have found something that the developers hid as a bonus. Usually, they will feature an item that’s a nod at another game or popular topic.
The game-play available in a multiplayer online game for characters that have completed all of the available content.
Giving up or conceding a game or match.
‘First person shooter’. These games involve shooting a gun or weapon from a first person’s perspective.
A term for in-game killing.
Describes the player’s experience of a game.
The username or nickname of a player.
‘Good Game’. Said after an online game by people whether they win or lose.
A setting that controls whether the game displays graphic violence.
A menu or area of the screen where items collected by the player during the game are stored. This allows the player to retrieve any item and use it as an instant effect.
In-game ‘treasure chests’ that can be purchased or won. They contain an unknown assortment of items and modifications that players can use in-game.
Describes the most effective way or style of playing a game (not to be confused with Facebook’s parent company or as slang for the Metaverse).
The use of real world money to buy items within a game.
‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games’. Role-playing games where participants assume the roles of fictional characters and create or follow stories. Massively multiplayer games differ from other online games in two ways. Firstly, the large number of players simultaneously participating in a single game, and secondly the persistent nature of the games (e.g. play continues whether a particular gamer is participating or not). Examples: World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Guild Wars.
‘Mouse and Keyboard’.
‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas’. These are singular map action games that are fast paced and team oriented, with each player having a specific role.
A game that allows multiplayer gameplay across different devices.
A game that multiple people can play at one time. Players may be able to play on the same team or against each other, depending on the game.
A ‘newbie’, or someone who is new to a particular game. Also: Noobie, Newb.
‘Non fungible token’. A unique digital asset that holds value. NFTs come in the form of art, videos, photos, and audio files.
‘Non-playable character’. May be main characters in a game or extras in the background of the game.
A type of video game where the character can roam freely around an environment. Examples: Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and Grand Theft Auto.
An update to a game where bugs are fixed, characters are balanced, and/or content is added.
A point in a game where the player cannot return to previous areas.
A professional player who engages in competitive videogaming as their career.
Nickname for a character or item that beats new players due to their inexperience, but is easily shut down by advanced players. The ‘pub’ refers to public games as opposed to professional ones.
To ‘own’ someone in a game, or render them helpless. The term was coined by accident – a typo, as ‘p’ is beside ‘o’ on the keyboard.
‘Player Versus Enemy/Environment’. The videogame is played against the computer.
‘Player Versus Player’. The videogame is played against another human being.
When a prompt to press a button or joystick movement appears on screen and punishes the player for not pressing it in time.
The act of quitting a game mid-progress instead of waiting for the game to end.
When a character in a game reappears after being killed.
‘Role-playing game’. This is when the player assumes the role of a fictional character in a fictional setting and makes choices that impact the character’s journey.
Angry, sad. Refers to ‘salty tears’.
Discount bundle of in-game purchases.
A game that can only have one player at a time. Also called ‘SP’.
In-game cosmetics that impact the appearance of the player’s avatar or items.
When a player plays a game with the intent of finishing it either as quickly as possible or as fully completed as possible.
A person who livestreams or broadcasts themselves playing a game on a platform such as Twitch or Discord.
A live broadcast of a gamer playing a game online, typically through a platform like Twitch or Discord.
The most popular streaming platform for gamers, including amateurs and pro-gamers alike.
A step-by-step guide on how to play the game, usually via a YouTube video.
‘Experience Points’. These are accumulated as you progress through a game. Hitting milestone levels of XP usually sees your character level up and gain new abilities or weapons.

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