Financially motivated sexual extortion: alert for education settings


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April 29, 2024


Online Blackmail/ Online Grooming/ Sharing nudes and semi-nudes

There has been an increase in reporting of children and young people, particularly teenage males, being forced into paying money or meeting another financial demand after an adult offender has threatened to release nudes or semi-nudes of them. This is financially motivated sexual extortion, sometimes referred to as ‘sextortion’, and is a form of child sexual abuse.

The National Crime Agency in collaboration with the Police Service of NI, Education Authority and Safeguarding Board for NI has issued an alert to education settings that provides advice on how to:

  • recognise the signs of financially motivated sexual extortion
  • raise awareness and support children to seek help
  • support victims

Download the alert and copy the template letter for parents and carers with advice on how to talk to their child about financially motivated sexual extortion, and how to support them if they become a victim.

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