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June 22, 2023


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Discord is a free online social media platform aimed at gamers. Released in 2013, the platform is available through web browsers, a mobile app, and also via Xbox. It allows users to interact using voice, text, and images through closed groups known as ‘servers’.

Discord Nitro‘ is the premium version of the platform. Available as a monthly subscription for $9.99 or annually for $99.99, it gives access to additional games and features.

LONDON, UK - May 2021: Discord social network logo on a smartphone.

Age Restrictions

Discord’s Terms of Service require users to be 13+ to use the platform, but it is very easy for a child to set up an account using a fake age.

Core Functions

  • Direct messages are subject to Discord’s Safe Direct Messaging feature, which is automatically scanned by default. Explicit content is removed unless a user is friends with the sender.
  • Users can interact through private messaging. This function allows video calling and screensharing.
  • ‘Servers’ are a collection of group chats and anyone can create one. ‘Servers’ are by invite only, but some invites are publicly shared, and searchable through search engines.
  • These are similar to public chat rooms. Anyone can set up a server, create the rules, and assign moderator roles.
  • Moderators are people chosen to have administrative privileges to block, remove, and review content shared within a ‘server’.
  • These users are chosen by ‘server’ owners. Discord does not control or monitor these roles.
  • ‘Allow direct messages from server members’ is set by default meaning anyone in a server can message any user added.
  • Some content may not be suitable for children and young people – it is generally up to individual server owners to decide whether or not they verify the age of its subscribers.
  • Users of Discord have reported online bullying as well as sexually explicit or inappropriate servers being created.

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