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June 20, 2023


Privacy and Safety Settings 

Mobile Phone Providers

All mobile phone providers offer free parental control services, which limit the internet content that children can access via their mobile network.

However, these may not always be activated automatically. It is important that parents and carers check with their service provider that parental control settings have been activated to make the online environment as safe as possible for their child.

Below we have listed how you can check and change the parental controls for the respective service providers.

Tesco Mobile

All Tesco Mobile devices are set by default to access under 18 content only.

However, if they have given their child a pre-owned phone you can adjust the settings here:


O2 limit 18+ site access unless proof of age is given. To check a child’s phone is set at the right age level, call the age verification line on 61018, or go to:

You can also find out more about this here:

EE (Previously Orange and T-Mobile)

EE provide 3 settings under their Content Lock feature. This is set by default to ‘Moderate’, which gives access to social networking sites but not 18-rated content. You can change this setting to ‘Strict’ and further limit a child’s access here:

Three (3)

Virgin Mobile DO NOT automatically restrict content. You can find out how to do so here:


Vodafone – Digital Parenting

Sky Mobile

18+ rated websites and online content are automatically blocked when you’re connected to a Sky Mobile network.

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