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September 20, 2023



Clash of Clans is a free-to-play strategy game where you build villages and work with others in your clan to pay for additional features. The primary aim is to earn trophies by attacking other people’s villages, or by successfully defending your village from attack.

Children enjoy playing Clash of Clans because it’s fun. They can be creative in how they build their village and they can play with their friends. The strategic nature of the game also develops their problem-solving skills.

There is a ‘global chat’ where users can talk with each other. Users have reported that this global chat can contain inappropriate language and behaviour including bullying from other players. Keep in mind that this function is also available within clans and similar issues can arise.

Age Restrictions

Clash of Clans requires users to be aged 13+ in its terms of use, but it is rated 9+ in the App Store and Google Play. However, there is no age verification process for downloading the app.

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Clash of Clans Jargon Buster

An in-game group of players who join together and compete with other clans.
A method of gaming where the player focuses on getting resources.
Troops that travel on the ground only. They must destroy or go around walls.
A number stating how much health a unit or structure has.
The initial area a user creates and controls in the game.
There are 8 leagues in the Home village: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master, Champion, Titan, and Legend.
The Clash of Clans ranking system. When an attack is won, the winner gains trophies and the loser loses trophies.

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