BBC Own It | Scam adverts – Why you need to stop and think before you click


Whenever you interact online you leave a trail behind you. This is called a digital footprint and it refers to the way there are records of a lot of what you do online: from the pictures you post, like and share, to the things you search for. Some platforms actually sell this information to companies that then make sure the ads you see are just right for you, to make sure you’re interested and click on them.

The problem is that these ads could be fake or even dangerous because they might ask for personal information, like your family name, address or postcode. Remember to never share these online. Kathryn had to get rid of her email address, but it could have been much worse.

If you’ve clicked on something that feels a bit dodgy, don’t panic – it’s best to chat to a trusted adult about it to see if they can help.

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